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Born and raised in small-town Connecticut, Paul is a graduate of Sacred Heart University (SHU), Class of ‘23. He earned his B.A. in Theatre Arts and Media Production, with concentrations in acting, directing, and playwriting, and film, television, and radio, respectively. 


In the spring of 2023, Paul saw two original musicals produced. “Reject Me, Already,” a romantic musical comedy, took the stage in April ‘23 for its world premiere; “Taking A Drive,” co-written by Paul’s collaborator Sam Deluise, took the stage in February ‘23, later being awarded Best New Musical. He was recently invited to Boston FanExpo with filmmaker Eric Patrick Cameron to premiere their documentary. More on that below.


Paul has worked for WSHU, an NPR Radio Station, served as Advertising Chair for Sacred Heart's Theatre Arts Program, and acted as

a host and presenter for multiple podcasts, events, variety shows, and television specials. He has worked as a journalist, covering various topics in Arts & Entertainment, and is a published author for his journals and editorials, as well as fiction storytelling. 


As a writer and composer, Paul has written eight musicals (book, music and lyrics) and composed the score for films, YouTube series, commercials, and more. Paul has worked with Coca-Cola Refreshing Films on the short film finalist “A Leg Up,” which will screen in Canadian theaters this fall. He scored the fan-made Star Wars documentary “The Space Western of the Southwest,” which premiered in Ireland and Boston this past summer, and scored SHU’s productions of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” “As You Like It,” and “The Crucible.”


Paul has been performing for over twelve years, and performed in more than thirty productions over that time. Past credits include: Hanratty (“Catch Me If You Can”), Narrator (“The Rocky Horror Show”), Nick Bottom

(“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”), Frederick (“Young Frankenstein”), Baker (“Into The Woods”). He also coaches and teaches young actors and writers to hone their skills in performance, writing, and composition. 

Paul is a collector of all things physical media, including movies, books, and music. He enjoys traveling, grilling, and currently holds the high score for Tetris on a local arcade machine in New Haven, CT––a fact he is very proud of. Paul’s passion and easygoing attitude have led to many incredible opportunities, and many more that have yet to come.

Click here for Paul's playwriting and composition resume.

You can reach Paul at:

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