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After a blind date gone awry, the self-conscious and lovelorn Winston Waller nearly swears off dating for good––until he meets the instantly endearing, hopeless romantic violinist, Chloe Carter. Winston and Chloe fall for each other immediately, but the road to their happy ending proves bumpy, as the pair starts to question if they’ve truly found their “someone,” or if it’s another cruel trick of fate. How will it end? What a mystery!


Written in the style of a big-band, Golden Age musical comedy, Reject Me, Already is a modern take on the rom-com full of misunderstandings, humor, camp, sincerity, and humanity.


Premiere production: April 28th & 29th 2023 at Sacred Heart University

Frankie, Val, Connie and Myles, four childhood friends, strap in for one last drive through their town––before Frankie, soon-to-be college graduate, moves away for good. As each character starts to grapple with their own demons and the fear of growing apart, the drive becomes their release: a way to vent and decompress, if only for a few hours. 


Written as a one act, pop-rock musical, Taking A Drive is a love letter to warm summer nights spent with friends. 

WINNER: Best New Musical – TheatreFEST, Sacred Heart's New Works Festival. 

Premiere production: February 24th & 26th 2023 at Sacred Heart University. 

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Caroline Scott wants two things: a normal life and a quiet senior year. But when Peter and Danny, her two best friends, find a notebook that allows them to rewrite their reality, that dream becomes a challenge. What begins as an attempt to make Caroline's life easier only makes things worse, as the world around them begins to change, leading to a race against the clock to fix their story and save their friends before the final curtain falls.


This two act Rock-n'-Roll musical is full of comedy, romance, and surprises. 

Premiere workshop production: July 9th 2021 in Stratford, CT.

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